What's up. I'm a creative professional who's worked with bestselling authors and startups.  I'm pretty laid-back, so drop me a line anytime. Currently, I'm the creative director of Laura Coe's Emotional Obesity and so far, it's going pretty smoothly.  Here's what I've done (the short version):


It's been a long time coming. This 2016, I launched the podcast Real Talk. It's ridiculous and you should check it out. It's the podcast about growing up - backed up by research - and it's all the conversations you should've had while you were a kid. From high school to adulthood, popularity to status, and friendships to relationships, we cover it all and do it while saying as many stupid jokes as possible.  Check it out here.

I've written, researched, designed and marketed for controversial #1 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors including Ryan Holiday (Trust Me, I'm Lying), Robert Greene (Mastery), Charlie Hoehn (Play It Away), Dale J. Stephens (Hacking Your Education), Laura Coe (Emotional Obesity), and others. 


I've worked closely with really cool startups like Book in a Box, UnCollege, and more. I've helped smart people write/publish entire books from scratch, set creative and aesthetic direction, and drummed up press for authors (The New York Times, Business InsiderVenture Beat, etc.), which was pretty sweet.


I've been featured in Thought CatalogMedium, and (this was big) the recently published book 2 Billion Under 20. If you like writing that solves problems and is ruthlessly honest, I think you'll get a kick out of my work. 


Interests: Friends, music, movies, stand-up, MMA, fitness and long showers. I read books like some people take drugs. 

As my life changes, I'll keep this page updated. If you want to work together or just want to chat, I'm easy to reach:  imohnish@gmail.com.