I'm Mohnish. I host and produce the podcast "Moonwalk", the show on how to moonwalk your 20's, one joke and science reference at a time. We've been featured on iTunes, which my mom said was pretty neat. Since I was 17, I've worked with New York Times bestselling authors, startups, and nonprofits to execute, launch, and craft the things they make. 



Somewhere along the way, I listened to one podcast. Then another. Thousands of hours later, I'm convinced: I think I've fallen in love. Today, I host and produce Moonwalk. It's about how to moonwalk your 20's, and we tackle everything from why low-confidence is a good thing, to why experience can make you worse in the long-term (sounds ridiculous, but it's not). Plus, we back it up with science and stupid jokes. If you dig the fancy fancy in your podcasts (music, production, sound effects, narration), you'll dig this. Here's the latest episode. 


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launching and crafting books

For authors - I was the guy that just kind of "handled it". I wrote, edited, designed, researched, marketed, and just "did things". Trust me - I have no idea how else to describe this work. I worked with bestselling authors like Robert Greene, Ryan HolidayDale Stephens, Charlie HoehnLaura Coe, and more. I also worked extensively with Book in a Box (founded by Tucker Max and Zach Obront) and - something I'm pretty proud of - wrote entire books from outline to final draft. I helped market book launches, ghostwrote pieces for the New York Times, and designed a project for Ryan Holiday that got 500,000 views in 3 days for his first book. Plus, if you're curious - I've written a ton. I'm in the book, 20 Billion Under 20 (MacMillan Press) and you can find all my writing here. Disclaimer: some of this writing is amazingly old. 


Reach Out, I don't bite. Unless you're handing me a taco.

I'm super easy to get in touch with. If you want to chat, shoot me something at (also on Facebook and Linkedin)  Happy to talk about whatever or just connect. Just don't send me bucket-loads of Viagra spam (unless it's a great deal). 

If you want to work together, let me know. Just email me. I don't bite.